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About Help at Hand

Help at Hand is a direct acting aid organization, founded by Kristian Rankloo. All collected contributions go to children in need and providing them with food, security, better health and education. Help at Hand is working directly on locations and ensures that the funds raised are being used where they do most good. We cannot help everyone – but we can make all the difference to someone.

How we work

Help at Hand is a Swedish organization and we have chosen to focus our engagement to selected aid projects. We pay regular visits to the locations we are committed to and we personally make sure that the right help reaches the right receiver. This may involve handing out food packages in disaster areas, build orphanages, buy school materials or working with health promotion activities for children living on the street. By being physically on the locations, we meet people, see their needs and can follow up our efforts.

We ensure that all contributions reaches the projects. Our finances are according to the Swedish tax regulations and controlled by the Swedish member of International Committee on Fundraising Organizations as well as authorized auditors in Sweden.

If you wish to support Help at Hand your contribution is warmly welcomed. All contributions will go directly to the projects.

Support from other countries than Sweden

Bank: Sparbanken Syd
IBAN: SE 16957 0000000 525 097 1883

How Help at Hand was founded

Help at Hand started as a private initiative in November 2013. That year the typhoon Haiyan passed over the eastern Philippines and changed the lives of 14 million peoples. More than 8000 people lost their lives when more than one million houses were destroyed by winds as strong as 380 km/h. When Kristian Rankloo saw what had happened on TV, he decided to go to the disaster areas and help.

At the same time, he started a Facebook group, Kristian go to the Philippines, where almost 100 000 SEK quickly was raised. During the ten days Kristian was in the Phillipines, he handed out 25 000 portions of food. The situation was chaotic. People killed each other for a bottle of water and children wandered around the streets, vulnerable and hungry. Kristian soon realized that the children needed to get back to the safety at school. He managed to acquire school materials to 2 097 children and handed it out at three schools in the affected areas.

Following this initial effort Help at Hand has continued to help the children in the Philippines. Meanwhile, we also started working in more places around the world, amongst others orphanages, schools and clinics in Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya.